Monday, July 21, 2014


This week in an effort to be a better disciple of Christ I really focused in on praying for and searching for little opportunities to serve, and we were blessed with at least one opportunity every day. We pushed several cars to get them started, changed a couple tires, we helped fix up an investigator's ceiling, we have been teaching an Evangelical priest English, and a couple nights ago, we had a very interesting experience. It was 10:20, and we were within just a couple minutes from getting back to the house when a woman ran to us and told us that a man was following her. I went to the corner to see, and didn't see anyone, so I asked her if she had a place to stay. She told us that she was on her way home. She was shaking and almost hysteric so I told her not to worry and that we would walk to her home with her. I took her bags to lighten her load and just told her not to worry as we walked to her house. The only thing I said regarding the gospel was that she should say a prayer when she got home. We actually ended up walking for quite a ways and in a dangerous part of the sector, and I began to be concerned that she could be leading us into a trap. I have heard a lot here about even old women working with gangs to lead people into assaults. Elder Johnson and I both felt very safe despite the concern and where we were at that time of night. When we got to her apartment, she gave us her name and number to come and teach her about the gospel. We did arrive home late, but I think it was one of the exceptions President talks about. I'm sure that that experience was an answer to our prayers for opportunities to serve and I hope it will also be an answer to our prayers about finding people prepared to find the gospel.

As far as progress in the sector, the family we have been working with wants to be baptized, but they say they don't want to be baptized yet because the mother of the family will have to return to work at the end of August and won't be able to attend Church. I think we can help them to change their mind. I know that they are ready and I know that they know that they are ready. On a high note, the father has had a radical change and went from not having much interest to reading the Book of Mormon cover to cover, reading just about everything he can get his hands on, and watching Mormon Messages on the computer. It's amazing how much I have gotten to see this family grow.

I think that's it for the week.  It was a good one.  I hope everyone is enjoying their summer! I love you all!!

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