Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Ben is a Trainer

This week's email from Ben. He is continuing his duties as district leader and also is going to be training a new missionary for the next three months.

From his letter to the mission president: Finally done with days indoors for the world cup. This week I finally took your counsel to start memorizing scriptures. I memorized a couple of my favorites- Juan 3:16-17 and Mateo 22:36-40. Memorizing has absolutely made me a better disciple of Christ. It keeps me focused on my mission in moments of boredom and makes me a more independent missionary.

As far as progress in El Pino, we are working on getting an assignment for a reactivating member and I will feel comfortable calling him a complete reactivation. We also still have the Sandoval family near ready for baptism.

From his email home: I was mistaken when I said that people destroy stuff whether Chile wins or loses.  It turns out that they only really destroy stuff when they win.  We were allowed to go out and work on Saturday after the game.

It has rained a few times, once for a few days in a row and it drizzled this morning.  They say it rains a lot in the winter here but it's nothing in comparison to NY.  The mountains have snow and right after a rain they are completely white.  They're beautiful in winter.

The mission birthday party was really cool.  I was surprised to see myself in the movie they made.  Have you seen it? Its on President's Facebook. video

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