Monday, July 7, 2014

First week of July

Here's this week's update:

We hiked a hill today as a mission.  The idea was that we look back and think about how much the mission has achieved in its first year and then have a vision for the following year at the top. We had a mission fast this last Sunday with the purpose of recieving revelation about what our vision for the mission is.

From the hill you get a great view of how much polllution there is in the air.  You can't see the city very well.  My new companion is from Gilbert, Arizona.  He has a great attitude and he knows his stuff pretty well.  His spanish is decent but he can't understand much.  I had the same problem.

Training and being a district leader is hard but its good.  I am learning a lot.

I only got one letter this week and it was from April 4.  It was missent to Guyana.

From Ben's letter to the mission president: Another week gone by. It was a tougher week with a much smaller number of lessons than I am used to. I suppose that's OK because it gives my new companion and I a lot of opportunities to practice contacting with all of our plans falling. He's also learning that we walk fast in this mission!

I have been telling you about the Sandoval family lately. The father was hit by a car while riding his bike last week. The front of the car was badly damaged and he could not feel his legs after the accident. He prayed in the ambulence that he would be able to support his family and was blessed not only to be able to feel his legs, but to wallk. Despite not wearing a helmet, his only injury was a chip in his tailbone. He took that blessing as a sign that it is time that he started placing a little more importance on the things of God. I very well beleive that it could have been a sign. The Lord works in mysterious ways. He and his wife went to Church for the first time together on Sunday.

As far as becoming a better disciple of Christ this week, I have memorized several more scriptures including Mosiah 27:14, Moses 3:19, Doctrine and Covenents 4, Alma 32:21, Mosiah 2:41, and a few quotes from Joseph Smith in Joseph Smith History. I have really grown to love memorizing scriptures in Spanish and have found it to be a great language study activity.

My companion is doing great. He bears simple and powerful testimony and he always has a good attitude. I am glad for the opportunity to learn from him.

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