Monday, June 23, 2014

Week Ending June 23

We had decided that since we hadn't received any letters from Ben in a long time that we would share stuff from emails. It turns out that this week he shared more than usual, making it much easier.

We were able to do a lot of service this week apart from the weekly helping people push and jump-start their cars.  I will just copy and paste from my letter to the President.  "This week we did a lot of service. The first activity, we fixed the leaking roof of a less-active single mother living with her disabled mother. On Wednesday, we went to the temple and we bought an audio Book of Mormon because the grandmother had expressed a desire to read the Book of Mormon but could not because her eyesight is poor. I felt the Spirit very strongly as we delivered the gifts, shared a message of Christ and repaired their roof. That experience alone made me a better disciple of Christ. I love to serve. 
In addition to the service we did at the less-active mother's house, we worked at an elementary school doing some needed upkeep work. We also did some work to deliver wood and insulation to a member in a campamento. I think you might like to see the campamento if you haven't before."  You should search campamento Chile in google images (see below, Ben has been introduced to real poverty).  It is incredible.
We had particular success yesterday with a family we have been teaching for several months now. The mother and daughters want to be baptized with the dad still unsure. Last night on the way to visiting them my companion and I were pondering what we should share. We decided to watch the Joseph Smith movie with them. When we arrived, they told us that we were just in time to watch one of the movies we had given them. The disc of the Joseph Smith movie was already in the DVD player and ready to press play when we walked in. We began with a prayer and watched the movie. Afterward we bore powerful testimony. Rarely in my mission have I felt the Spirit guide my words as it did last night. We testified simply of Jesus Christ and the restoration of His church through the Prophet Joseph Smith. After, we asked if there were any comments and the father softly said that he would have to reconsider some things tonight. I believe that family will be prepared for baptism in just a couple weeks more."

Tuesday, June 17, 2014

World Cup Craziness

We haven't posted here in a bit and that's because we haven't received any letters from Ben lately. We decided that we might start posting some things that Ben sends us in his weekly emails. His emails tend to be mundane, but we thought his experience with the World Cup competition might be worth sharing. It's short and sweet, but better than nothing. Ben's words:

The world cup is insane down here. If Chile wins, everyone destroys stuff. If Chile loses, everyone destroys stuff. We have to stay inside from 3 to the end of the day on days when Chile plays. It's not hard getting in (to teach) but it is impossible to teach. Everyone invites us over to watch the games.