Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Birthday reflections

Monday was Ben's birthday. It was raining in Santiago.

It was another good week in El Pino. I turn 20 today and I have spent a lot of time thinking last night and this morning about the kind of 20 year old that I want to be. I prayerfully did a self-evaluation and pondered about what I would like to improve on this year of my life. Paul's words about becoming a man and putting away childish things kept coming to mind. These kinds of self-evaluations and goal setting always make me a better disciple of Christ. I should do them more frequently.

We had some great success yesterday with the family who I have been telling you about. The entire family of 6 came yesterday and now each has come three or more times. The father, who was last to gain a testimony, thanked me for what we brought to his family. There is nothing more sweet in the mission as those moments when less-active members or investigators thank you for what you have brought them. We are going to invite them to be baptized on the 26 of July.

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