Sunday, January 11, 2015

Our apolgies for no updates

Please accept my apologies for not updating Ben's blog in so long. I have a goal to do better.

We did Skype with Ben on Christmas day and he looked and sounded well.  He is currently a zone leader and got a new companion from Peru the week before Christmas. He likes his companion very much and says they are working very hard.

Last preparation day he went on a hike with some other missionaries and encountered a tarantula. Ben being Ben, he caught the thing and sent us this picture:

Yes, we did tell Ben it's probably not a good idea to put a wild tarantula (this wasn't anyone's pet) on your face, but it had already happened and we couldn't very well run the thousands of miles down there to swat it off his face (or attempt to knock some sense into his head). Pres. Cook if you see this you do have our permission to do anything you would do as a parent in this case!

Ben did send us some other pictures on an SD card, I will post them next time.

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