Monday, January 26, 2015

Latest email and some pictures

From Ben's most recent email:

This week was kind of interesting.  A bird flew into our apartment in the morning.  I will try to send a picture.  

One of our old (former, not elderly)  investigators died two nights ago.  Death is still strange and hard to accept for me.  She was a really great lady.  We had an appointment with her this week.  She had a cardiac arrest which was a huge surprise because she was relatively young and of good health.  

We rescued a puppy from getting hit by a car and gave it our homeless friend on the corner.  He was really grateful because he lost his puppy a few weeks ago.   

Speaking of pictures, here are some from his most recent SD card:

A selfie of Ben's soccer battle wound

A night view of part of the Santiago suburbs

Bread Ben made (he loves the bread there)

The hike was nice, unfortunately the atmosphere didn't cooperate

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