Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Two Weeks In One

Our apologies we didn't get Ben's stuff posted last week. This week we're posting both weeks, starting with last week:

This week, in an effort to become a better disciple of Jesus Christ, I spent a lot of my personal study focused on humility. I started with President Benson's talk "Beware of Pride." I wrote down a list of attributes of pride and the corresponding attributes of humility. Pride is certainly a very misunderstood thing. I never realized how often I sinned before I read that talk for the first time 10 months ago. I am trying to apply your model to become consecrated to humility. I am beginning with learning about humility, then I will practice it, and later I hope to become a truly humble person.

We had a great week in El Pino. The family we have been working with will be baptized on Saturday at 6:00. Their third daughter will turn 8 in October and her father will be able to baptize her. I am so grateful to have been able to see the miracle of their progression. We also had an especially beautiful experience on Sunday. When I arrived to El Pino, we taught a family and I was able to see the entire family return to Church after 10 years of inactivity. They attended three times as a family. Unfortunately, something happened shortly after and not long ago, the husband and wife separated. They haven't gone to Church in three or four months now and we haven't been able to teach them until Saturday. We brought one of his old friends with us and just let them talk. We didn't have to say much, but by the end of a very heart-felt discussion between the two, he promised to return to Church.

We had a three service activities this week. We participated in the event for children in San Bernardo, did service in the Bishop's Storehouse and continued with our English class. Attendance rose 500 percent in the class - we increased from 1 student to 5."

And this week: 
Congrats about soccer (Tioga won 2-1) and I am glad Luke and Liz are doing well. 
My way of doing district meetings has changed a little bit over time. At first, I would stand up front with the whiteboard and give a lesson. There were pros and cons of that. Everyone paid attention and everyone behaved really well, in fact a lot of the district took notes, but nobody participated very much. I also felt as though I was elevating myself above the district and did not feel comfortable. Now, I sit down in front of the district and we discuss things. We have been spending district meeting talking about the vision. Yesterday, we discussed knowing. I really enjoyed it because everyone participated a lot, and I learned a lot more. Less people take notes and they're a little more rowdy sometimes, but I think that directing district meeting in this way has made be a better disciple of Christ. I learn more and I feel less prideful. Thank you again for giving me the opportunity to learn so much from being a district leader.
As far as actual progress goes in the sector, we finally were able to baptize the family. It was a beautiful baptism and the other elders in the ward had a baptism the same day. The father of the family has already been interviewed to receive the priesthood and we are working on getting the family assignments or callings and getting them to the temple to do baptisms for the dead in a couple weeks. It has been a great privilege to see the progression of the family from the very first lesson. I feel so blessed. They are a wonderful family and will be a great strength to the ward.

We are continuing with the English class as a weekly service opportunity.

I'll get pictures to you next week.

(We had heard there was an earthquake he hadn't told us about): The earthquake was exciting.  It was during the baptismal interview! The mom said it was the Spirit.  Have a great week!

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