Thursday, August 21, 2014

The Work in El Pino

This week I did an interesting little study with the old teaching records in the area book.  Of the 118 records of unbaptized old investigators in El Pino, 111 did not keep the very first three commitments on the record- first to read the Book of Mormon, second to pray to know that it is true and third attend Church.  That is 94%.  I also asked the other missionaries in the district to bring their records to district meeting but found that none of them had more than 15 records.  I have found that destroying old records is a serious problem.  I didn't include their records in the final count because they skewed the data because only the "good ones" were left.  Anyway, it really made me realize how important those three commitments are.  I know that anyone who reads the Book of Mormon, prays with real intent, and goes to Church will know that this Church is true and will have the desire to be baptized.  A renewed focus on these commitments has made me a better disciple of Christ.

As far as service goes, we are continuing with the English class, but that is all of the organized service we have done this week.  We are also considering starting an addiction recovery class.

El Pino is continuing to progress with a record number of people in Church this week.  A nice, round 120.  We had the overflow opened and three rows of chairs filled.  The family we have been working with will be interviewed for baptism on Saturday.

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