Wednesday, February 26, 2014

We did get email from Ben on Monday and he did tell us to share with the blog because he hasn't found the time to write letters. Transfers took place on Monday, they are about every six weeks when the new missionaries arrive from the MTC. Assigning trainers starts the dominoes falling anyway, so it's a good time to just make changes that are necessary. Since Ben was done with training it was time for him or his companion to move on, and he expected his companion to be transferred. His companion was transferred and became an assistant to the president (one of two highest ranking missionaries) and Ben was also transferred to a new area, back to his first zone (El Bosque, search it in Google Maps) but a different sector/neighborhood and much nicer apartment (the silver lining). Several of the missionaries he trained with were assigned as companions to each other, but he was assigned a senior missionary and was a little disappointed because he thought it would be fun to be with one of peers from the MTC, and because he hasn't lived anywhere longer than six weeks yet. In all likelihood he'll be at this place for a while.  His new companion is Elder Vildoso from Peru.

Here are some more pictures from last week's letter:

South America's tallest building (in Santiago)

Local flora

A pack of neighborhood dogs

Ready to play soccer (courtesy Sr. Leavitt, the only lady in the picture)

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