Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Surprise Picture (stalking is a good thing)

OK, I (Dad) admit I am a stalker. I read other missionary blogs. This week while looking at Sr. Leavitt's blog, I was fortunate enough to come across a picture of Ben! Here it is (Since Ben hasn't sent pictures, thank you Sr. Leavitt):

Ben is the rather chubby one front row right. We blew it up, it's really him.
 So while I'm here, we have emailed Ben the last two weeks. Last week he went to the zoo (apparently with his zone, another missionary has pictures). This week we had asked him about food, specifically milk. Fresh milk is hard to come by in the city, but they have a shelf stable non-refrigerated version that comes in a carton similar to the way we might buy broth.

The milk does taste a little weird.  I don't buy it ever.  I usually eat oatmeal with yogurt in the morning because yogurt is really cheap.  I haven't seen beef hot dogs yet which is a disappointment.  They are all pork, chicken or turkey, but mostly chicken or turkey.  Their spaghetti sauce tastes weird too but I don't know why.  And they don't really have salad dressing.  They usually use lemon juice and oil.

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