Sunday, February 9, 2014

First blog letter

We received this letter postmarked 1/14.  Readers are aware of some of the events described.

Last Monday (1/6), my companion and I received some bad news.  He went to the city to get his foot x-rayed and it turns out it was fractured in two places.  He has to rest for a month minimum.  The news was a little humbling because I thought he was being a baby the whole time.  This is just another testament that no one can understand another’s pain.  Even if we have had similar experiences as others, the way feelings are manifested within others is unknown to us, and my even be incomprehensible to us.  We have only one friend who has lived on the earth who can truly understand our feelings – Jesus Christ, who “suffered the pains of all men, yea the pains of every living creature, both men, women, and children, who belong to the family of Adam.” (2 Nephi 9:21)  He suffered the pains of all, each in their unique way.  It is no wonder that this suffering caused Jesus Christ “even God, the greatest of all, to tremble because of pain, and to bleed at every pore, and to suffer both body and spirit” and would that he might not drink of that bitter cup and shrink. (Doctrine and Covenants 19:18)  I hope we can all find the humility and consolation in this sacrifice; humility that we might find it in ourselves to worship the Almighty God who suffered beyond comprehension that we may be saved, with broken hearts and contrite spirits; and consolation, that we may be comforted when we are at our very lowest by the knowledge that we have a friend who truly understands.

We spent our time inside studying and cleaning.  I wasn’t surprised to get the call from President Cook on Friday 1/10 that I was getting transferred.  Unfortunately, he didn’t tell me where because he wanted us to stay focused. I will find out where I am going the day I leave, Monday 1/13.

I feel like my first six weeks in the mission field were more for my benefit than the benefit of anyone else because I spent the first few weeks finding people to teach and the last few weeks inside studying because of my companion’s foot.  I’m excited to meet my new companion and begin my adventures in a new area next week.

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