Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Last Full Week at the MTC

We went street contacting twice this week.  The first time my companion and I were pretty unsuccessful.  We talked to a couple guys who really liked their marijuana.  They really liked us and they were fun to talk to but I don´t think our message got through.  Our second time was great though.  After getting rejected over and over we talked to an older lady who had a Mormon friend.  We made small talk and then told her a little about the Book of Mormon.  I told her it would bring her happiness and bring her closer to Christ.  She said she believed us so I asked her if she had one.  She said she didn't and we gave her one and committed her to read.  Then she gave us her contact information so we could send missionaries.  It was a perfect contact.  Hopefully I have a lot of success like that in the field.

I had McDonalds today.  It was just about the same here as anywhere in the states and it´s easy to order because a Big Mac is still called a Big Mac.  It was good to get some American food after having nothing but rice, potatoes and pasta with the sauce of the day.  Next week, I leave the training center and enter the field.

That's all Ben wrote for the blog, but he did tell us a couple of things in his email to us we don't mind sharing. Last week he said he had been sick and had been to the doctor (the church has doctors there). He is better now. He had mentioned some about the food in his blog last week and we asked him about the blood sausage. He replied: "Blood sausage is disgusting.  Actually the taste isn't that bad but the consistency and the knowledge of what it is makes it gross.  I didn't try the stomach.  I saw sauce with fatty looking strings of meat and decided I didn't want to try it.  I found out later it was [cow] stomach."

Ben leaves the training center Tuesday, Dec. 3, so we're not sure what his ability to write will be next week. We'll post anything we get from him! We updated his address on the Contact Ben tab, but don't worry if you sent something to the MTC that he may not have gotten yet because he says they will forward it.

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