Tuesday, November 5, 2013

So P-Day Changes Week to Week....

It´s hard to organize my thoughts when I write these posts because I only get one hour to email everyone and post on the blog every week.
  • This morning, all of the Latino missionaries left.  They only stay two weeks because they don´t have to learn a new language.  Two of them were my roommates.
  • One of my now former roommates, Elder Helio Ferreira, played soccer professionally for Atletico Paranaense in Brazil.
  • We play soccer almost every day here.  Sometimes we play Latinos vs. North Americans.  Guess who wins?!  Every time!  It´s actually not that bad.  The gringos usually score a couple.  I´m really glad I played soccer in the States.  I´ve earned the respect of a lot of Latinos on the court.
  • They play soccer on courts here.  There are basketball hoops on the courts too, but they´re rarely used.  It´s kind of funny, they´re shorter than the baskets in the US.
  • Everything here is fenced in and almost all of the fences have spikes. 
  • The people are incredibly loving.  There are Latinos that left today that I hardly knew and yet that embraced me with eyes full of tears as they left.  I hope that they are a good representation of the majority of the people I run into when I´m in the field.
  • It´s really hot here and it´s still spring.  They say the sun feels hotter because of the hole in the ozone layer.  
  • Every single meal has rice, potatoes, or pasta.  It´s an incredible amount of carbs.
  • I went to the tallest building in South America today.  It´s a giant mall.  Malls aren´t exactly my thing, but it was really cool.  I´ve been to another mall down here.  We call it the ´Ghetto Mall´.  It´s a little more adventurous than the giant one and it´s closer.
  • There was an earthquake last week, but I didn´t feel it.  They´re very common down here on the “Ring of Fire¨
  • There used to be a gang in South Santiago called Los Mormónes.  They dressed up as missionaries and stole cars!
I guess that´s about it for this week.  I´m enjoying my stay down here and I´m learning Spanish quickly.  I can’t wait to go out and serve the people of Chile.  I´ll have pictures posted one of these weeks.  I keep forgetting the cord to my camera.  Hasta luego!
Editor's (AKA Dad) note: Please pardon the formatting issues. For some reason it's not as simple as just cutting and pasting or formatting in Word and pasting.... I blame Google and to a lesser extent my own meager HTML skills.

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