Monday, January 13, 2014

Surprise Transfer

First a note from the parents:

You might recall that Ben previously mentioned his companion resting his hurt foot and spending lots of time at home.  Last Monday his companion went to the doctor and it turns out his foot is broken in two places. His companion has been reassigned to the office (desk work), and Ben got a surprise transfer to a new area with a new companion.  Usually missionaries spend two transfer cycles, which equates to about 12 weeks, with their trainers in his mission. Ben is still considered a trainee, and will finish his training with his new companion. The transfer just occurred today, so he doesn't know a great deal about his new area yet and he didn't tell us much except that his new home is similar to his old one and neither were as nice as any of the other missionary homes he has seen.  He didn't tell us his new companion's name, but he did say he is Latino and had been out 19 months and that he speaks better English than his previous companion.

Here's what Ben sent for the blog:

According to the mission rules, we are only supposed to use the computers for one hour every Monday.  Between writing my friends and family, the Mission President, and posts for the blog, this isn't very much time and I am rushed.  In an effort to be more obedient to the mission rules, I have decided that I am going to send the posts home via snail mail, so it might be a while before my next post.  I hope my posts will be more inclusive and more organized that way too.  So until then, ¡Ãˆxito a todos! 

Not to worry, we will keep you updated. Ben has only sent us one thing from Chile and it came relatively fast compared to what we have sent him. He also intends to send us pictures on an SD card instead of trying to download them. He has two cards now so we can exchange them.

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