Monday, January 20, 2014

As Ben said last week, he intends to send future blog posts via regular mail. That will delay things significantly, but we are very willing to share the things that aren't private that he sends us in email.  Stuff he sends us seems to make it here faster than stuff we send him.  He hasn't received a letter from us for three weeks, even though we write him weekly. He only gets mail once a week because items are mailed to the office and they distribute it at weekly zone meetings. 

Ben mentioned that it rained there this week, only the second time it has rained since he got there.  The other time was during the night.  He also said his house is smaller than his old one (which we thought was pretty small as it was). 

Regarding last week's surprise transfer we had asked him how it worked logistically:

I got the call on Friday, but I didn't find out where I was going until Monday.  President doesn't want us to be distracted.  Everyone getting transferred took their luggage to the office.  I took it via taxi.  It looks like transfers will always be on Mondays. I guess that means we won't take time out of proselyting.

We asked about his new companion:

My companion is Elder Mateus from Colombia.  He is great.  He works like a machine and we study better and plan better than I did before.  I work really hard with him.  He has a really good attitude as well.  He is always happy.  I like him a lot.  I really like my roommates too.  Elder Bert from Massachusetts who was in the MTC with me and a Brazilian.  They are both good fun loving guys who work hard.

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